Zoggs Goggles Review – the Predator Flex Range

Zoggs Predator Flex Polarized

Zoggs Predator Flex Polarized

The Zoggs Predator Flex Polarized has been my swimming goggle of choice these last few years, turning out to be a quality and long-lasting product that has served me well in my open water and pool based swimming. It is always of interest to see the different types of goggles that swimmers are using when I am competing in triathlon or open water swimming events, and there always are a number of Predator flex’s on view which have a distinctive design that can easily be spotted and I think this speaks for itself.

Within this Zoggs Goggles Review I will highlight some different goggles within the Predator range, go through some construction elements of the goggles and how this can benefit you in your training and open water be it competitive or purely swimming for the pleasure. I will also include some personal feedback on how I have got on with the Predator Flex Polarized and overall whether and where it meets Zoggs claims. This I hope will prove informative if you are looking at purchasing a set of goggles for the first time or as a change to your existing choice.

Why Zoggs Predator

Zoggs Predator Goggle Clear Lens

Zoggs Predator Goggle Clear Lens

As with most swimming products some will swear by their current choice or brand, some are happy but maybe doubting that they have made the correct choice or are looking for an upgrade, and some just don’t get on with theirs but are confused with the wide range of choices available including the different frame and lens types and whether that are getting value for money. In the end it does comes down to personal choice and also some trial and error to get the correct fit so in this review I will detail how the Zoggs Predator Flex meets my expectations of how a quality pair of goggles should fit, feel and function including details on the technology and design of the product.

The Zoggs Predator range comes in a variety of frame and lens type with a price range between £25/$34 and £60/$81. The Predator Flex Polarized is towards the higher end of the range retailing at approximately £36/$49, with the next step up being the Ultra Reactor Goggles at £60/$81. For the price of the Predator Flex you definitely are getting a top quality pair of goggles for racing or training in open water or in pool based swimming. They are a sound investment that are durable and will last you for at least a years swimming minimum if looked after correctly (mine are already in their second year and going strong).

Also, the Zoggs customer service and on-line site is excellent for finding the right goggles for you, and if any support is required they will help you out to make sure that you get the correct sizing and fit.

What am I looking for in a pair of Goggles?

Me and my Predator Flex Goggles

Me and my Predator Flex’s

In a pair of swim goggles I am looking for a quality durable product at a competitive price, that are light and flexible in construction and fit onto my face comfortably without to much pressure around the eye sockets. Also importantly they must not leak and for open water must give good, 180 degree peripheral vision and have good clarity of vision, even in the brightest sunlight.

Fit is all important, the goggles should be a secure but comfortable fit with no chance of leakage. This can come down to personal choice but the Predator range with its large frame size and silicone seals gives a fit that in my view meets these objectives comfortably. Also, they must be easily adjustable when in the water without first having to remove the goggles, which the ratchet types adjustable mechanism on either side of the goggle achieves.

For open water swimming the field of vision, especially if racing, must be a broad as is possible and the lens type must give clarity even in the brightest reflective light. The Predator Flex Polarized with its 180 degree peripheral vision and its smoked, polarized lens comfortably achieves this especially in reducing any surface glare in bright sunshine.

Along with the fit is the actual construction of the goggle and you should be looking for something that is light, flexible in nature but durable and can do the job in all conditions. With Zoggs 4 Flexpoint™ technology, Fogbuster™ anti-fog and UV protection lens, and curved lens technology the resultant goggle is lightweight in feel but durable in construction, and the different lens types available give clarity of vision even with the entry level Predator Goggles Tinted.



Predator Flex Strap Adjuster

Predator Flex Strap Adjuster

The Flex Polarized is a quality swim goggle that is in the upper range of the Predator range. I have had no issues with the Predator goggles I have used in the past and all have been long-lasting and have finally reached their natural end of life after many months of swimming in all conditions, usually with the lens becoming scratched or fogging up, but with no breakage of the strap, nose bridge or frame. The construction gives a light, flexible but durable set of goggles that gives optimum vision and clarity in all conditions. Some construction elements that enable this are as follows:

  • Unique 4 Flexpoint™ technology, for enhanced frame flexibility
  • Polarized lenses reduce glare, making them ideal for outdoor swimming where you can experience bright, direct sunlight
  • CLT™ – Curved Lens Technology 180 degree un-distorted peripheral vision
  • A larger frame than conventional goggles that give a superior comfortable fit
  • Fogbuster™ impregnated anti-fog lenses that give longer fog free swimming
  • A super soft silicone seal that aids in giving a superior comfortable fit
  • Easy adjust silicone strap for fantastic strength, comfort and durability
Regular or Smaller Profile Goggle fit

Also, the Predator goggle comes with two sizes of fit, Regular Profile and Smaller Profile Fit. This helps to ensure a good fit for the majority of facial profiles.

In my opinion the Predator Flex Polarized is an excellent swim goggle and I would feel hard pushed to find any better in its price range. It delivers a quality performance for both training and racing.

The flexibility of the goggle has led to reports of the nose bridge breaking, but I have never experienced this and as long as you look after your goggles as you would with a good quality pair of trainers or sunglasses you should have no problem.


The Different Lens Types

Polarized lenses example

Whilst I go with the Polarized Smoked lenses the Predator range comes with several lens types so I think this would be a good a time as any time to go through them and the different benefits they can give. I have listed them with the lens available in the lower priced goggles in the range first:

  • Tinted: More for the indoor swimmer as the tint will fight off bright indoor lights.
  • Clear:    A clear lens are ideal in low light or overcast conditions. Also, good for indoor      swimming.
  • Smoke: Good for outdoor swimming as they offer medium protection against any sun or bright light.
  • Titanium:  Ideal for high level light and reducing glare from sunlight.Mirror: Gives good clarity of vision for outdoor swimming with reduced glare and reflections from any sunlight.
  • Polarized: Reduces glare from direct sunlight as well as reflection off of the water surface, ideal for bright outdoor conditions.

So is the Predator Flex Polarized a Good Buy?

In my opinion and experience of at least four years wearing Predator Flex swim goggles I believe this is a quality product and a sound investment for all types of pool and open water swimming, whether this incorporates training, swimming, racing or all three.

The styling of the goggles themselves make them stand out within the vast range of goggles at the start of a race. Also, the comfortable feel and fit gives you a confident feeling even before you enter the water.

The price of the goggle comes in at approximately £36/$49 (with the Predator Range starting at £25/$34) and is competitively priced within the swim goggle family. If you are taking your swimming or racing seriously or are looking to upgrade your existing goggles to the next level you will not go to far wrong with this choice.

I hope the above helps and please feel free to leave any comments below.

Happy Swimming!


Open Water Swimmer



    • Hi Yvonne,

      Great,glad you liked it.
      There are lots of different tints for both indoor and outdoor swimming, but I find the Polarized smoked does the job for all conditions.



  1. Wow! What a comprehensive article! I seem to remember my swimming googles seemed to be no more than 2 eyebaths connected with some very breakable rubber straps!
    I never even thought that swimming goggles came in any different colour to swimming pool blue!
    I also like the photos of you wearing them – so many reviews of products seem to revolve around stock images and/or images off the manufacturer’s website so it’s nice to see a reviewer actually using the product he’s reviewing.
    Yup, a good article – thanks Dave

    • Hi Dom,

      Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.
      Yes, that’s me and my goggles coming out of the swim at one of my triathlons.


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