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Hi everyone and welcome to my Open Water Swimming website. Since taking up triathlon 20 years ago open water swimming has become an essential part and most enjoyable aspect of my training and events.

Over the years I have come across many training tips and techniques from others to improve my open water swimming to make me a faster and better swimmer, able to enjoy the experience of immersing myself in a lake, river or sea with like-minded individuals of which there are becoming more and more in this fast growing sport.

Now I feel it is time to give something back…..

So I would like to share some training tips and techniques that I have found beneficial or have an opinion on, plus recommendations and reviews on the vast array of equipment that is out there, some that I have used myself or have had solid feedback on from others. Also, to share open water events and the rest as I hear or become aware of them.

Me and Open Water Swimming

My first open water triathlon was way back in 2002 in London and from that not all together pleasant experience of jumping into the East India Dock I have come to embrace it as an essential part of my training but also as one of the best ways to remove yourself from the normal day to day. To lie on your back in a lake at sunrise with the ducks and swans floating by is one of the experiences that just can not be beat.

Now open water swimming is becoming more popular not so many people give me a funny look when I explain what I did this morning, and you even get to persuade people to give it a try and invariably they are then hooked.

But with this comes responsibility to make sure you and others swim safely, and to be confident in what they are doing and not to stray to far outside of their comfort zone. So over the years I have tried to improve my technique and ability to swim both in the pool and open water, but also to swim safely with any equipment that might help (also to not swim alone, or if that is not possible make sure you are wearing adequate flotation).

So now I will confidently head out from a beach to a quiet spot to relax wearing my orange pull buoy, take the opportunity to join the scuba divers in my local lake (who will still give me a strange look especially if it is cold), or swim and/or race with others who have taken up this great pastime.

What’s next….

Myself, I plan to continue to swim for as long as is possible. I find it a great way to keep fit without the stresses on the body that you can get from impact sports such as running (although that is still part of my training) and a great way to deal with stresses that might be out there waiting to pounce on the unwary.

But also I would like to help others who are already open water swimming, thinking of giving it a try or even did not know it was a “thing” until they saw it on TV, happened on this site or maybe bumped into a bunch of neoprene warriors with weeds in their hair whilst walking the dog…

So please feel free to browse my site. It will have tips and techniques, some solid equipment reviews and what you may/may not need as well as any general open water chat as and when I come across it.

Also, if you have any questions or comments or anything you would like to share regarding open water swimming please feel free to contact me.

Happy Swimming!!!


Founder of Open Water Swim Advice



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